The Courage to Explore

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One of the most influential ceramic artists of the past 50 years, Paul Soldner has earned a reputation for pioneering innovations that have changed the course of American Pottery. Known as much for his style of working and teaching as for his art, Soldner's approach to ceramics encourages exploration and an openness to the unknown and the accidental. His simple attitude towards clay favors following one's instincts and using simple equipment over many of the high-tech methods used in ceramics today. Soldner travels the world


conducting workshops where groups of people learn and work with him. In this video we see him at work at one such workshop in North Carolina. We hear from the workshop participants, as well as from Soldner himself, who reveals some of the thinking that underlies his life and his work.


In this newly released (2000) VHS video we see him at one such workshop in Bailey, North Carolina at Finch Pottery. We hear from Soldner as he reveals some of the

thinking that underlies his life and work. The video covers discussion of raku firing, salt firing, throwing at the wheel, handbuilding, low fire techniques and many other unique insights.
Included are rare photos and archival footage of Soldner from the 1960s and 70s. Short interviews with artists Dan Finch, Dwight Holland, Colleen Black-Semelka, and Sally Bowen Prange complement this great view of Soldner at work.

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