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About Paul (arranged by date):

Under the Influence, Ceramics Monthly, June/July 2006, p24.
2006 Regis Masters Exhibition: Val Cushing, John Mason, and Paul Soldner, by Mason Riddle. Ceramics Monthly, May 2006, Vol 54(5), p14-16.
AMOCA, by Steven Rosen. Ceramics Monthly, October 2005, Vol 53(8), p106-107.
Paul Soldner: Playing with Fire (review), Ceramics Monthly, April 2005, Vol 53(4), p70.
Paul Soldner: The Courage to Explore (review), Ceramics Monthly, June/August 2000, Vol 48(6), p38.
Paul Soldner: American Master, by Tom Zwierlein. Clay Times, March/April, 1997.
Life As An Art Form, by Paula Johnson. Destination, April/May, 1995.
When Life and Art Are One, by Brad Miller. At the Aspen Art Museum, holiday issue 1993/1994.
A Life in Art: Paul Soldner's Impact on Contemporary Ceramics, Art of California, August 1993.
Serendipitous Soldner, excerpt from the Paul Soldner Retrospective catalog, by Mary MacNaughton, 1992.
Paul Soldner, by Maria Porges. American Craft, February/March 1992.
Soldner's Sculpture Leads the Show, by Mary Eshbaugh Hayes. Art Space, c.1990.
Paul Soldner, Ceramic Review, 1990, n. 124.
Renaissance Man, Paul Soldner, by Connie Ransom. Elan, November 1990, p58-59.
Paul Soldner, Ceramic Review, n. 109, 1988, p34-39.
Paul Soldner, by Joanne Burnstein. American Ceramics, January 2, 1982.
Paul Soldner, by Judith Dunham. American Craft, October/November 1982.


By Paul:

Low-Fire-Salt Fuming, Ceramics Monthly, April 1995, 41-44.
Without Laws, Ceramics Monthly, May 1992, pp. 30-31.
American-Style Raku, Ceramic Review, volume 124, 1990, 8-11.
On Art
Raku: A State of Happy Anticipation, Museum of Contemporary Crafts, New York, March-May 1964.
Raku Pottery (Paul's raku recipe), Museum of Contemporary Crafts, New York, March-May 1964.
The Raku Process, Museum of Contemporary Crafts, New York, March-May 1964.